Unexpected change of plans.

A couple years ago I was expecting to gather with a group of Great guy friends for a weekend retreat. Then I was reminded about a NYC trip I volunteered to chaperone with my daughter and a group of teenage girls for choir recital and to see Wicked on Broadway. I asked my wife if she would substitute for me so I could attend the retreat. My wife refused my request. I was very irritated with her lack of cooperation. I also begrudgingly recognized I had made a commitment. So I bagged the retreat and went to NYC. So what came of it ? I was very surprised to really enjoy the trip and the show. Most importantly I was living up to my word and had an unforgettable experience with my daughter. On the bus trip back, I had a tearful moment truly grateful for the change of plans. My daughter most likely will remember the event . I will never forget just how beautiful it was to have had the privilege to be Present and Available. Sometimes a change of plans can end up being Way better than I would ever imagine.

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