Pushy Salesperson

Don’t you just adore the salesperson who just pushes you to the limit ? The salesperson who ignores your No ! The art of distraction, diversion, steamrolling you for their own agenda ! I am in sales and truly believe I am not like this, why? Well I would not want it done to me. As important as asking for the sale is for the salesperson, I firmly believe the salesperson has to perform their due diligence to ask for the sale. Just rambling off all the features and benefits and dominating the conversation is telling not selling. I have found that asking (non self serving) questions works best. Recently I spoke to cable salesperson over phone, I was barraged with his tactics and conversational bullying. I realized from the start about how I held the power, not him. I am very grateful that not one company I have ever represented, tried to brainwash me into this pushy crap. I might make more money or sales if I tried it, but not at the cost of someone else. I am not an expert at sales, but i have learned along the way about respecting people.

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