Peanut Butter Lovers Day is Today

Not sure about you, I absolutely love peanut butter ! I truly feel sorry for those allergic to peanuts. Just got a great tip the other day, add it to your oatmeal, damn I cannot wait to try it ! To me the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich is the default quick, easy, and delicious meal. You know it’s bad when you’ve unknowingly ran out out of it ! Here are some my favorite Peanut Butter Applications
Peanut Butter & Jelly on any bread toasted or not, also on any kind of cracker , best Graham
PB & Fluff on bread
PB & Butter on bread, bagel, English muffin
PB in any kind of ice cream, best with vanilla
PB in any kind of cupcake treat, Kandy Kakes, Funny Bones
PB on a cake or in pie form.
PB on top of a chocolate chip cookie or other
PB cookies Nutter Butter cookie or wafers, Christmas kind with lines and with kiss on top.
PB topping on top of ice cream without any PB in it.
PB “Spider” Treats with butterscotch morsels and dried chineese noodles
PB on most rodent traps, even those dirty little bastards like PB !

Spread It, Spread ‘Em , Spread The Wealth ! Of the Deliciousness of Peanut Butter!

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Lovers Day is Today

  1. Angela

    I agree w all the above, except the spider treats. I have also had a full meal w pb& j! I am very puzzled as to why my kids don’t feel the same passion abt it….it is a do to when all other choices have run out!


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