Nobody Markets Their Bad Side (RePost)

How many people have a resume with their faults listed ? How many truly tell an employer their glaring character flaws during the first interview ? How many employers tell the prospect how toxic their management style is ? How many people begin their first date discussing their own part in the failure of their last relationship ? Very few if any would dare to. It’s a lot like advertising, do any of these businesses expose their intent to screw people out of money ? I observe 3 things here: 1- Most people do not plan or intend on their negative behaviors or reactions. 2- Most people who have engaged in negative behaviors may regret it, but most likely and secretly feel justified in doing so. 3- Then there are the downright Evil Bastards / Bitches who are mean spirited and have no regard for any other human. Yet most people really believe they are honest, kind, loving, hard working, and dedicated. Spin the roulette wheel, Baby ! You rarely ever really know what you are truly getting into, nor do they ! Buckle up and try to enjoy the ride !

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