Has Ralph Visited You Lately ?

Do you remember Ralph ? You know the guy that comes around with that bug and has you throwing up for a day or 2 ? What amazes me is that when I drank alcohol ( quite unsuccessfully on many fronts, never developed a tolerance either ) I used to puke on a biweekly or monthly basis ! To think I engaged in the insanity to bring this on often. How about the ever fun and body shocking Dry Heaves ? The best description on this: you feel like you are passing your toenails through your entire body ! Even if you do not believe in a higher power the Dry Heaves have you thinking and calling for Him ! Funny how what you ate prior to this event, you may avoid for decades. If only all negative things that we really ought to avoid would bring on this Ever Memorable Hell, we might never forget, therefore avoid the insanity. Well Ralph has not hit me yet, but he broke into my house and has visited a loved one. This is a love that does not need spread ! Enjoy your Breakfast !

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