Drop The Lingo And Run

If only a wise saying could just fix all the problems. Most times when my anxiety is at catastrophe level, the mention of some cliche saying like “take it easy” brings forth the idea of doing harm to the lingo dropper. How about when you are working hard and struggling with time or task at hand, and the leaning pearl of wisdom says “work smarter not harder”. Now what, finish the task or do harm? How about the haters out there picketing against the gay community, why not approach them with “live and let live”, let me know how that works. Try telling someone with faith issues “let go and let God” or someone with depression that they are really just living in the past, imagine how they feel on the inside. My true favorite one I wish I kept at the forefront of my mind ” keep it simple “, however dare you drop that on me when I am complicating things. So here’s what I like: lend some space, lend an ear, or lend a hand. Try to determine which will help the frustrated best.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the Day (or don’t)

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