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Peanut Butter Lovers Day is Today

Not sure about you, I absolutely love peanut butter ! I truly feel sorry for those allergic to peanuts. Just got a great tip the other day, add it to your oatmeal, damn I cannot wait to try it ! To me the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich is the default quick, easy, and delicious meal. You know it’s bad when you’ve unknowingly ran out out of it ! Here are some my favorite Peanut Butter Applications
Peanut Butter & Jelly on any bread toasted or not, also on any kind of cracker , best Graham
PB & Fluff on bread
PB & Butter on bread, bagel, English muffin
PB in any kind of ice cream, best with vanilla
PB in any kind of cupcake treat, Kandy Kakes, Funny Bones
PB on a cake or in pie form.
PB on top of a chocolate chip cookie or other
PB cookies Nutter Butter cookie or wafers, Christmas kind with lines and with kiss on top.
PB topping on top of ice cream without any PB in it.
PB “Spider” Treats with butterscotch morsels and dried chineese noodles
PB on most rodent traps, even those dirty little bastards like PB !

Spread It, Spread ‘Em , Spread The Wealth ! Of the Deliciousness of Peanut Butter!

Simple Method Vs. The Easy Way

The easy way would be not to do it, procrastinate, or put the least amount of effort into it. The easy way seems to plan on minimum efforts yet expecting maximum results. When faced with a task, large or small, I meditate on my plan of attack. My mindset or attitude have an affect on it. I may have some grudge or fear about doing it. See, Stop ! Right here, Right now ! The easy way just got complicated, not so easy is it ? The easy way seems to get selfish. The easy way seems to spend time on the outcome or results (not so bad), unless I am just trying to just be done with this task I an not interested in. The simple method is really to break it into simplest form, one step at a time. Do you need to talk to a friend ? Perhaps you owe them an apology for a wrong ? The easy way tries to talk you out of it, easy way gets you to project how the conversation will go, how they will not forgive you. See how easy just got complicated ? The simple method, pick up phone, dial number, say hello, acknowledge your wrong (not theirs), apologize or ask how you can make it up to them. Oh try like hell to be sincere. Simple Method easier than The Easy Way. More Victory.

Jack(ass) Of All Trades, Omni-Idiot

Don’t you just adore the people who seem to know it all ? I believe most of us learn a few things in life through our experiences, however does that give us the self proclaimed expert status ? Ask them pretty much anything and yes their All Knowing Wizardry will provide their Mighty Opinion on the remedy. Would you seek electrical advice from a jeweler ? Now the jeweler may have experienced some electrical problems which then led to solutions, but I’ll stick to asking him/her about rings and jewelry. So if you ask the self proclaimed expert how much they think something will cost, it may very well not be accurate, but they will provide a guess. The problem is now any number above that is a rip off or a scam, without really knowing all the facts. The solution is ask a professional to the task. Beware of the know it all, for they spread falseness like butter. Enjoy the Day !

The Very Difficult Ones To Converse With

Nothing quite like the person who feels the need to contradict whatever anybody says. They are driven to correct any slight detail. They may also feel the need to debate whatever you are driving at. A simple question or sentence gets broken into a complicated problem. Terribly difficult to communicate with these people. They are capable of taking the black and white written word in their simplest form and complicating that too. So why do they do this ? The need to control/dominate. The quest to always be right, to show others who is smarter. How smart are they if they complicate a simple question, ask them that, they love that. They challenge your ability to not take it personal. They challenge even the most patient and tolerant people. So what you ask is the cure ? There is no cure maybe the only treatment is to just Run Like Hell ! Anything you say is up for debate, so it’s like gas on a fire. Starve them with little or no conversation for your own good. – “We’re on a road to nowhere ” Talking Heads (good tune)

I Am So Sorry, Am I ?

Have you hurt someone recently ? Did they call you on it ? Did you acknowledge your wrong, really ? Did you apologize ? First of all, did you really hurt them ? Or is it possible they are just being a bit sensitive ? Better yet did they have it coming to them ? Did you verbally minimize their gripe ? Did you deflect their confrontation with a counterpoint with something they did? If deep inside you cannot truly take responsibility for your wrong, then really why bother? Will they really take stock in your Sorry ? Or are they smart enough to know you’ll do it again? Is it possible the saying of Actions speak louder than words, holds true? Nah. People love repetition. Stay consistent !

For The Unhealthy Out Of Shape Shoveler

Are you out of shape ? Do you smoke and drink a lot coffee ? Do you rarely exert yourself physically ? Well, before you go out there to dig 2 feet of snow, if you follow instructions on bottle maybe drop in a low dose aspirin ! You know just in case you get that throbbing pain your left arm, chest pain, shortness of breath, and lightheaded. You know us unhealthy people have to look out for one another and their loved ones. I can think of much better and fun ways to have that heart attack than to be shoveling snow. I mean if your going to shovel it you should at least have the pleasure of pulling your car out. If you are digging just for an ambulance, it’s like digging your own grave. Happy Valentines Day, Be Mine !

Test Our Driving Abilities, Please !

For all you folks who wait until last minute to leave the house in poor driving conditions ! Well the rest of us do need to be tested on our awareness and alertness skills. So do not worry about scraping your windows, clearing snow from your vehicle including light areas. Make sure you pull out in front of people with short notice. Or make the slowest turn imaginable. And by all means this is the prime tailgating time of the year. This may really irritate the good drivers, but even the best need to be tested here and there. The ability to wake up, sober up, raise the blood pressure, or cause a near death experience does itself bring us closer to a higher power. Even if our prayer involves them being brought into eternal damnation.
Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn ?

Listening: 2 Ears & 1 Mouth

People whom we converse with whether daily or not, prefer to be listened to as a common courtesy. This means to not interrupt them, wait for them to complete what they are trying to communicate or express to you. Try not to finish their sentence, or assume you know what’s next from their lips. If you are face to face, your body language will show them how attentive you really are. Phone calls also require proper listening and even though unseen body language plays a part. I just took a call from a loved one and layed on the bed and had a massive yawn which included a large no words spoken gap, this let the person believe I did not care nor was I listening. I am in sales, no master or expert, but I have learned quite a bit about listening to be effective. But I did learn something from this conversation, really my actions while on phone. Just because they cannot see you, their ears can tell a tale of your body language. I hope I can be forgiven. I always have room for improvement. Respect in all relationships !

The Grudge Or Grudges

Has someone done something to you recently or a while ago in the past ? Dirty rat bastard or nasty bitch, how dare they ? Obviously the severity of the infraction can determine the scar. Forgiveness can be a real challenge. Forgetfulness yet another challenge, actually can you or should you forget ? I say Hell No ! Yet our grudge / resentment has the negative hateful, vengeful, passive aggressive repetitive thoughts and behaviors on our own insides. Well how is all this holding us back from having any peace or harmony ? I guess if you can compartmentalize and you have peace and have hatred, well then Have at it ! But it seems most of us get bogged down in the hateful thoughts ? Yet some people have had success in taking an honest stock on their grudges. First just being aware you have it has some impact. Then, the nature of how this affected you. Also, Is there a part you played in the infraction? Could they have resented you for an infraction you placed upon them ?
Or you can avoid taking stock in this grudge, continue with your finger pointed at the cause of your own hell, and carry on with all the negativity and damnation. Have at it, it is a choice and a decision you make, no one else. Carry On !

Fears That Can Freeze Us

The kind of suffering that can and will freeze us right in our tracks.

Fear, All types, sizes, and magnitudes. The fear of impending doom like something terrible is in the future near or far. The fear of making mistakes. The fear of looking stupid or vulnerable. The fear of success. The fear of insanity, getting the same results from previous attempts and experiences. Sadly these fears and many more of them in the spectrum, have certainly frozen me like a statue. I still allow these fears to grip me. But the help of many have taught me to take a chance. The committee in my head (the kind of crew my mother warned me about, seriously bad peeps) shows me a projector, power point, awesome presentation of all the things that can and very well may go wrong, and also shows me how idiotic I will look in the process. This presenting committee does a compelling job in stopping me from taking chances. Keeps me in the thinking, wishing, and fantasizing phase and blocks me from taking the risky action. So for all of us, How does that rocking chair feel ? Back and forth faded pros and crystal clear cons. How effective / joyful is our quality of life with these fears ? How are these fears affecting our family, friends, and work lives ? Then there’s the fear of facing these fears. The fear of just taking that risk? As a wise man said “Joe, You can pick up the pace anytime you’d like ” PS I believe I successfully updated the About Duffy page , check it out, let me know if it was a success, Thanks