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Hello there, Thank you for visiting my blog / website. I am Joe Duffy. I am 49 years old; I am married with 2 children. I am a roofing salesperson. I grew up in New Jersey, moved to Pennsylvania, and currently live in Upstate New York.

I have been gifted with the epiphany back in 1992 to stop drinking and drug use. The continued regular attendance at a 12th step fellowship has kept this precious gift in tact.

In 2013, I attended a men’s retreat which brought on my posts of “Negative Thought of the Day” on Facebook. The retreat master used a technique of using the gift of his dark past and present as an example of behaviors that did not work for him or the people around him. This gentleman has been able to portray his message through humor and sarcasm. He recognizes his humanity and has resolved to help others by the ability to pick on himself.

This kind of help reaches me best, Why? Well I am not really a fan of the preachers of the world and their flowery ways of telling rebels like me how to behave myself. I respond better to his technique of example. My “Negative Thought of the Day “posts were my own jabs at the character defects I and many others in this world have. What’s funny to me is how we can justify or rationalize these behaviors at the expense of others and ourselves.
None of us are perfect, so why not pick on ourselves and have a laugh. I find this motivates me more to change, How about you? Some very good friends of mine have encouraged me to continue; even suggesting I make a Negative Thought calendar or write a book. One of these friends happens to believe in me more than I do and created this Blog/ Website. Even though I have no degrees or real experience in writing, does not really matter. What matters most is taking a shot at something and putting forth some action not worrying so much about how I look or appear to others. If I do not try something, how will I know whether it will be a success or failure? Because sitting around and only thinking, wishing, or fantasizing about things has gotten me so far in life.

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