A Thank All Of You For Help

We moved recently. A very huge thank you to all the help that was given to us. The helpers are many: real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage broker, insurance agent, employers flexibility, moving company, utilities, family ( father, brother, sister, inlaws ), and friends (awesome crock of chili). The generosity and teamwork of all those involved helped make it happen as planned. Actually it went pretty smoothe. Why ! Because all the above helped make it happen and cared about the plan. This is the 3rd house we purchased. Funny how different things are as years progress. How 18 years has changed the amount of stuff you accumulate with 2 kids. Also how 18 years changes the body and it ability to do it all. In conclusion, how you appreciate the efforts of all involved and not take it for granted. Teamwork does very much still exist, especially if you can recognize it ! There is no I in team. The team helps me, so me help team !

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