Monthly Archives: February 2018

Unexpected change of plans.

A couple years ago I was expecting to gather with a group of Great guy friends for a weekend retreat. Then I was reminded about a NYC trip I volunteered to chaperone with my daughter and a group of teenage girls for choir recital and to see Wicked on Broadway. I asked my wife if she would substitute for me so I could attend the retreat. My wife refused my request. I was very irritated with her lack of cooperation. I also begrudgingly recognized I had made a commitment. So I bagged the retreat and went to NYC. So what came of it ? I was very surprised to really enjoy the trip and the show. Most importantly I was living up to my word and had an unforgettable experience with my daughter. On the bus trip back, I had a tearful moment truly grateful for the change of plans. My daughter most likely will remember the event . I will never forget just how beautiful it was to have had the privilege to be Present and Available. Sometimes a change of plans can end up being Way better than I would ever imagine.

Attention Tramp

Long time no post for me ! See, I even struggle with attention seeking behavior. Do you know anyone (including yourself) who just has to draw attention to themselves? What nuisance happens to all of us must be announced by the person as if they’re special. How about the people who enter a meeting and interrupt it just to subliminally remind everyone that the Star has entered the room. This can really bother the best or worst of us. Just want to say shut up and sit down or please exit. Especially if you’re really trying to get something accomplished. This can be difficult trying to set boundaries with these folks. Sadly, if you don’t provide them with enough attention, they feel or believe you don’t care. Keep in mind, if possible, there’s a reason for this behavior. They may be hurting on the inside or struggling at home. Or be cold as ice and do you best to ignore and deprive them ! It’s up to you to discern. Get a puppy !