Monthly Archives: October 2014

Are we sure we seek happiness ?

The hard thing about happiness, joy, or contentment is how short lived it is. You know some negative thing, occurrence, or person is going to stick a pin to pop that bubble. Or, another theory, is it at all possible that we just find the happiness a bit boring ? Actually even a lack of laughter, admit it some of the darker negative folks crack you up. Maybe some of just know deep inside the negative is definitely around the corner. Another possibility, is the expectation of happiness supposed to be constant with never a bump in the road ? Does my personal definition of happiness need to be adjusted ? Nah, at least we know unhappiness will always be there. Enjoy the a Day !

Keep it Distant !

So has a family member or a friend crossed your mind lately ? One who you have not spoken with in while ? Even had the dialogue in your head of what you’d speak about ? Well have they reached out to you in a while ? You know the score, you are always the one to reach out to them first, right ? So screw them, don’t call (even though you want to). Let them know who really has the power. Who the hell needs to check in and make sure they’re okay ? Do they ever do it for you ? Why keep the relationship close ? Too much effort. So easy to push it aside.
Reach out and touch someone !